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  1. I'm with my Uncle George who's 84. He was evacuated to Lyne from London during the Second World War. He remembers going to the Royal Marine Pub and would of been about 8 years old.
    He stayed with Mrs Putuc.
    We must come a visit!

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  2. I really enjoy my time at the pub. Thank you for the reception.
    Lucas from

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  3. I had my first legal beer,at 18, in the Royal Marine in 1960. My father then was a policeman and we lived at the Police House, opposite the shop, just a few steps from the pub. I lived in Lyne from 1948 when I was 6. Remember when my dad went to the pub he used to bring home 1 penny bags of broken crisps or huge arrowroot biscuits. The pub looks very posh now!

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  4. A very entertaining and informative site, I like the jokes, but they should carry a health warning! Keep up the excellent work!

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  5. What a cracking looking pub! I stumbled over your site whilst looking for some new real ale suppliers, if you ever need any wine etc drop me a line. Used to work with the Royal Marines and your pub looks as spic and span as they do.

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  6. I was looking for a pub in the Chertsey area to meet up with some old friends for a pub lunch & found this one on the web. I thought it looked good & I was right! A lovely, unpretentious, "proper" English pub with an excellent selection of real ales & good, simple food, all & reasonable prices. Friendly, quick & welcoming service.
    I wish there were more like this! Well done!
    Roger Clarke

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  7. A fantastic local pub. Great ales on offer at a very reasnable price in my opinion. The bar man was very helpful in helping me choose my drink, it has been a while since i tried a larger! Great pub, great banter between the locals. I'll be back... next time i'll try the all day breakfast's!!!

    Keep up the good work!

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  8. excellent!


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  9. Hello from across the Atlantic.
    Nice to see your website ... pretty neat! ... I checked out the Menu ... I suggest that one of the Club Sandwiches be named after me!

    Take care

    Felix & Gen (Toronto - Canada)

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